Montag, 12. November 2012

Not a peep from me

Hello there.

I haven't posted anything for months, and I have deleted all of my former posts. Except the giveaway post. I haven't forgotten about it. The giveaway is still open, and I will announce the winner soon.

Sorry for everyone who joined and had to wait for so long.. But I haven't had the strength to post anything.

It is curious how quickly everything can turn to shit. But it did somehow. There's that one sentence from a Lana Del Rey song that's haunting me: 

"[...] I have a flat, broke-down life.

I guess a couple months ago I didn't fully understand the meaning of those words. Now I do.

But enough with the complaining. I just wanted to inform everyone who has joined my giveaway that I haven't forgotten about it and will pick a winner soon. Thank you for joining.

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Mia hat gesagt…

Hallo und Danke für deinen Kommentar, schade das hier nicht mehr viel drin steht....wühle doch auch so gern:)